The Round Table

Jason Lackie (Fastback Studios) and Aaron Smith (Envisage Audio), whom we are huge fans of, talk Plugins, budget mics, and subwoofers are all covered in addition to playing the springs on the mic stand arms!

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Sir Mix-a-Lot

Rapper, Producer and Gear Addict himself, Sir Mix-a-Lot talks about his first time in the studio, cars, gear he loves and what he’s up to next.

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Scott Rockenfield

Scott from Queensryche comes on the show to talk movie soundtracks, drums and what’s next for Queensryche

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Robert Lunte

Robert Lunte from the Vocalist Studio comes on the show to talk about microphones and effects for singers.

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The Pilot

In the very first episode of the Gear Addicts show, we talk about Evertune Bridges, albums we love and give away some gear.

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Ryan Bruce

Ryan is a ….

Jason Lackie

Jason is a ….

Jason Burns

Jason is a ….

Aaron Smith

Aaron is a ….